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Miracle Noodle is the original mirakelnudlar which has taken Scandinavia and the whole world by storm!

Miracle Noodle is an entirely natural product with many healthy benefits. It is satiating with few calories and only 5 kcal per 100g, and has zero net carbohydrates.

These noodles have been eaten in Japan for centuries, but have only now been discovered by the rest of the world. In the Nordic countries Miracle Noodle has quickly become a major success over the last year!

miracle noodle angel hair

Our bestseller – Miracle Noodleangel hair” (glass noodles) – is sold through all of our retailers. A perfect complement to all pasta dishes, stews and soups. Has the ability to absorb all flavours in a completely fantastic way!

miracle noodle rice

Miracle Noodlerice” has recently become extremely popular among our customers. The rice shirataki is an unbeatable partner to our noodles. Their form is similar to traditional Japanese rice but without the carbohydrates. Even these absorb the flavours of seasonings and sauces.

Miracle Noodle FettuccineMiracle Noodlefettuccine” – prepare classics like Pasta Alfredo & Fettuccine Al fungi.
This variety of shirataki is perfect for dishes prepared in the oven, such as Fettuccine Al forno.  Our latest addition to the family is for those who really enjoy the Italian kitchen!


 More exciting news on its way in 2013!

miracle noodle



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